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The Goddess in Springtime 
12th-Feb-2008 07:17 pm
pentagram jewels
"She changes everything she touches
Everything She touches changes
Change us, touch us,
Touch us, change us."

I'll overlay this chant with the Earth My Body chant for this Ostara. We're going to be focusing on the seeds we personally want to plant for ourselves. How do we want to grow? What do we want to accomplish for the harvest? This is the time to ask the Goddess to help us. We have to work towards our goals, it's true, but this is the holiday we can show the Goddess what we need in our lives and we are taking the first steps to manifesting that. We are asking the Maiden Goddess to guide us.

This is also a perfect time to get into touch with our inner child. So much of our daily lives is spent being the 'adult' that we lose touch with our inner self. We must learn to let this private side come out and play once in a while. Perhaps we overprotect this part of ourselves. Maybe not enough? This the season to learn more about ourselves.

Blessed Be Everyone! I'll post more about Ostara in the coming days. :)
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