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Whispering Oak Coven
Merry Meet
22nd-Dec-2007 09:49 am
pentagram jewels
The Sun has been born and is getting stronger, promising us a lovely spring. The Oak King defeats the Holly King and the Goddess decends into the Underworld to morn her lover. She will be reborn and join the Sun in the Spring. Though winter is upon is and is blanketed on glittery white, all is cold and dark, we take time to enjoy the fruits of the harvest and be with friends, family and children. No field to be tilled until spring. Though this can be a harsh time it is a time of celebration and light.

In our circle, we focused on the promise of Spring and what it may bring us. I directed our energy to help those who have suffered from the winter storms. We left the Goddess light on the altar unlit to signify her journey to the Underworld. We lit the god light to signify the tiny child light in the universe. Elora was a little cranky as she had a flu shot this week, but it was nice ceremony over all.

One change I have made to the way we do things is instead of using a protection oil for those coming into circle, I smudged everyone with white sage. Elora has fair skin that is sensitive and I thought the sage was a better choice because of this. With new people joining us for ritual and not knowing if they are sensitive, skin allergy, etc, this is easier and accomplishes the same thing.

So after circle was ended, I carved the turkey (cut myself in the process but I still have my finger, LOL) and served the buffet of colored pasta tossed in a light italian dressing, cheesy veggie medley, and of course the rosemary/sage roasted turkey that came out beautifully. It tickeled me when Oreana was impressed that I also cook. *grins* heheheh I blessed the dinner while it was cooking.

Hope everyone had a nice Yule. Can't wait for Imbolc....the candlemas, Brighid's Day!
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