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Whispering Oak Coven
Merry Meet
I can't tell you enough how excited I am about Ostara this year! 
18th-Mar-2008 07:51 pm
Don't know why...Maybe it is because we have a baby.

I just finalized the ritual which will involve my husband as Summoner and a coven sister who is going to be the Handmaiden for the first time. I'm so excited! I want to type the chant out for everyone on an index card so they can look it over and become familiar with it. We'll be layering with the women singing one chant and the men singing the other.

Class this Friday will have our coven dying eggs in which to decorate the altar and the ritual grounds with. As a matter of fact, an egg dyed in each elemental color will mark the quarters in addition to the candle that I usually use. wheeee! It's going to be lovely! I can't wait.

Hmmm, I think for Beltaine, I'm going to treat myself to new ritual wear. :)
19th-Mar-2008 01:13 am (UTC)
Sorry that I won't be making it this time. Frolicon and all.
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