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Whispering Oak Coven
Merry Meet
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14th-Oct-2007 04:49 pm - Samhain
Our next ritual is going to be Samhain. I will hold the ritual right on October 31st this year at dark. The time change is occuring then as well, so I hope to get started around 8pm. I hope the baby will be awake for the ceremony (for those who didn't yet know from my other journals, my husband and I gave birth to our lovely daughter on the 3rd of October.

My rituals are open for any locals who wish to attend and of course child friendly. :)

For Samhain, please bring an offering to an ancestor who has passed on. I'll set the dumb supper. If you have a picture of the person (or pet) and would like to include it in the ritual please bring it and I'll place it on the Ancestor's Shrine.

Blessed Be!

*Note~ in an upcoming post, I'll explain the Ancestor's Shrine and the dumb supper for those who might be attending and are not familiar with this ritual.
24th-Sep-2007 01:19 pm - Hi!
Goddess Child
Welcome iruka_yuywell! I hope you enjoyed class last night and we'll have a ritual for Samhain. I hope to see you there!
23rd-Sep-2007 05:13 pm(no subject)
pentagram jewels
HI fairymonkey! Welcome!!
23rd-Sep-2007 01:19 pm - Happy Mabon!
pentagram jewels
I'm looking forward to have starfyre77 and a guest over for Mabon today! We'll have a class about the holiday, I'm making us some baked apples for the holiday, and our circle will be at 7pm.

I wish everyone a very happy Mabon!
18th-Sep-2007 06:23 pm - Mabon Celebration
patron goddess
Mabon Celebration with the Whispering Oak Coven will be held on September 23rd (Sunday) at 7pm at Shorty Howell Park. I plan on having some baked apples ready for ritual, too. YUMMY! I'll try to keep as low cal and low fat as possible and for those interested, I'll work out the points. I'm also going to post this in the Yahoo group as I know there are a couple folks who are local and wish to attend.

Please either respond here (anyone interestest) or at the Yahoo group (if you are in the inner circle)if you wish to attend Mabon Circle with us. I'll be able to get a head count that way and I'll be able to post directions.
4th-Sep-2007 05:43 pm - Class Discussion
I just finished reviewing the book Exploring Wicca by Lady Sabrina. Not horrible...I've certainly read some book that were worse, but this one was not researched very well. She gets Wicca confused with Neo-Wicca. Lots of people do. What worries me is that she runs a school....she charges people money to learn the wrong things about "Wicca". But not really what I'm discussing here. One chapter I have particular issue was one that discusses the where Wicca came from. She claims it has it's roots in Druidism.

Here is something to clarify. Wicca has it's roots in paganism, which in turn gets it's roots in witchcraft. Witchcraft is used by pagans and Wiccans alike. Pagans have their own circles, honor more Gods and Goddesses then just the "Goddess and God" of Wicca and the rites, pantheon, etc would vary from village to village and sometimes even from house hold to house hold. They tended to celebrated only the season changes. Neo-Wiccans follow the Wiccan holidays, but the rites are different from Wiccan (though very similar) and often they will call upon specific Gods and Goddesses rather then just the "Goddess and God" of Wicca. They are literally a blend of Wicca and Paganism. My path is closer to this because I like the flexiblity that Neo-Wicca offers. Wicca calls upon one Goddess and one God. They are the two polarities of the one Supreme Creator. (Lady Sabrina does say that the Wiccan Creator has no sex. We know this to be wrong as the Goddess is the feminine side of that Creator and the Horned One is the masculine side of that Creator....the Supreme Creator is actually both sexes. Yes, I think I'm mincing here, but to someone brand new to the faith, they would be very confused if we don't mince a little here). Wicca also has 8 holidays as well as the celebration of moon changes (Esbats). Wicca is gernerally taught the same to everyone no matter what "Wiccan" coven you are in, no matter where in the world you are. Neo-Wiccan covens will vary some from coven to coven. Wiccan traditions would be Gardneran, Alexandrian, Reclaiming, etc. Each of these came from Gerald Gardener's coven. Neo-Wicca is so similar that the two are often very confused. An actual Wiccan can sometimes get snobby about the differences. I see lots of snarky comments in one particular LJ community alone. However, many "Wiccans" that I know face to face are kind about explaining the differences and not snarky, so don't let a few discourage or belittle what you might personally believe.

So you haven't seen how Druidism can be the roots of Wicca yet have you? That's because Druidism is something totally different. I don't know that much about Druidism but you can google the ADA (American Druids' Association, I think) and you can lots of information about Druidism.

Now, I doubt that I cleared up anything for folks who currently read this page, but you never know when someone else might come along and get that "ah ha" thing because they learned something new. ;)

blessed be, everyone!
4th-Sep-2007 01:07 pm - Mabon Celebration
pentagram jewels
So Mabon Celebration will be held on Sunday, September 23rd at my humble abode, though may be looking to do it outdoors if the weather is lovely. I also thought about going on a nature walk during the day for exercise and to take the lovely fall color to get into the mood for the harvest. I'm hoping starfyre77 will want to join me. I hear Dalonega (sp?) is lovely right now according to my sister.

There is also some neat haunted places there too just to let me geek run out and play. LOL! Besides the point totally though....

I'm thinking around dusk we'll be back in town to start the ritual.

What plans to others have for Mabon?
pentagram jewels
salt__lick has asked about Mabon suggestions. Here's a few from my altar so to speak.

I either bake or purchase a "harvest" type of bread or cake. Apple/date from my local grocery store is an old favorite. Now those on a gluten-free diet can bake or purchase from a bakery some apples. Sweet and yummy, and often are not made with flour, though I have seen some recipes that do roll the apples in a little bit of flour so if you purchase, be careful. That is usually my offering on the altar. Hazelnuts are also sometimes placed on the altar if I don't do baked apples. Hazelnuts were often used by the Druids before a trance was done. It helped them cross the veil so they could see the future, commune with the Gods, etc. Anyhow, it was commonly believed that Hazelnuts brought on visions, so I use those before a working sometimes. I like to do this and then record what I can remember in a journal. It's a good ritual working. If we do this, then as a fun even, I like to bob for apples. Yeah, you know, the big barrel of water and floating apples. Just like we are kids again. I also love to cook so I'll do a pork roast, a Turkey, etc. Apples, pears, nuts, cobblers make good desserts or some spice muffins make some good take homes for the guests. Those of us on a diet, fruit platters are great with some yogurt. Just some ideas.

Now for coven issues: The coven has really not done anything in a long time. With my family issues (Uncle's situation)and the schedule of another member, it really hasn't been feasible. I would still like us to get together somehow for Rituals. I have seen and been part of On-line rituals which are nice. I miss being there, but hey, when you miles away from your group, sometimes this works well. those local can still get together with me for Ritual (Mabon date to be announced very soon), but also I'm open to start posting classes again here or via email.

Please comment to this post for how you want class if you want...Thanks!!
6th-Aug-2007 04:43 pm - Cancelled Lughnassadh
We ended up cancelling Lughnassadh. We got some more bad news about my uncle's health and also got word of a death in my husband's family on Lughnassadh. Neither of wanting to bring such sad/negitive energy into our circle, we thought it best to light a candle for each of them and say a prayer to the Gods in our own way. We have our sights set on Mabon being a happier occasion. I know this might sound odd, but I hope to celebrate my Uncle's death by Mabon. Perhaps a bit of a wake. I know I will strongly greive for his passing so I hope to use Mabon Ritual as a healing process. Also it would be a chance to light a candle for him say some more prayers and share some of my happiest memories of him with my coven mates. I hope to send this loving energy to him and let him know that though I miss him, he is in a wonderful place.

This kind of thing is normally done at Samhain but I'm going to do a variation for Mabon. Samhain will consist of Dumb Supper with places set for him and Elyzahn's step grandmother who passed on Lughnassadh. It will also not be a journey to the Summerlands for them but a celebration of each of them finding thier place there.

What kind of things are everyone else planning for Mabon?
21st-Jul-2007 10:32 am - Lughnassadh is coming
Lughnassdh is coming soon and I want to plan an open house that weekend. Ritual time will be announced for all who want to attend for that, and dinner will be potluck. I might even have a place for us to bob for apples. I haven't done that since I was in elementary school and I remember loving it. Who doesn't love nearly drowning themselves voluntarily to snatch that elusive crunchy/sweet/delicious apple?? I doubt Elyzahn will do it, but I promise I'll do it!! Who's with me on this?? LOL!

I may even bake some bread for the ceremony. ;) I used to bake quite a bit. Dieting and all, I don't bake much anymore. LOL! I still know how though.

I'll be posting in the coming weeks with a story about Lugh, and something about the ritual.

Blessed Be!
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