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We are the Whispering Oak Coven in Duluth, GA. We are a very small coven and just getting started. I have 20 years experienc in Wicca and have been a High Priestess for approximately 13 years. I have two students, one is ready for his initiation to Priesthood and another is ready for dedication. I studied under the Coven of the Whispering Willow until it disbanded and then I studied as a solitary for many years. I was ordained as a High Priestess under the Church of the Human Spirit. I can perform legal ceremonies in the State of Georgia. I am currently working toward getting our coven registered with the Covenent of the Goddess.

You do not have to be a member of our coven to join. We only ask that you abide by community rules.

NO Flaming. You will be booted immediately.
Please be pagan and Wiccan tolerant. There are other communities for theology debates.
Please don't be afraid to be curious. You don't have to be pagan or Wicca to join. Just be open minded.

Thanks and Merry Meet!

Our Mission:

To guide others on their path of Wicca, be it a traditional path of Wicca or a path of neo-Wicca.
To foster and help grow each member's personal relationship to the Goddess and God.
To provide a safe place of learning for each student on their personal path of Wicca.
To abide by the Rede of Wicca.
To provide community services as a Coven of Neo-Wicca such as volunteership for charity, etc.
To provide a sister/brotherhood and a support system to our fellow coven members
To support each member on their path and relationship to the Goddess and God even if it differs from our own.

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